Building Solutions for Indians

#RevHacks - a day long event of fun challenges. 

  Reverie Language Technologies is organizing a Hackathon on Indic Languages, in partnership with Nasscom, to bring language equality on the internet.
The event will include challenges to be brainstormed by all product makers who love building innovative products to provide solutions for Indian language internet users.
Join RevHacks at Nasscom Bangalore, as we work through a series of challenges, learning and some fun! competing in teams of up to 4  people. Along with delicious food, fun diversions and prizes,  you will also get some expert guidance in house.
This event is open to Startups, IT professionals, Makers, Growth Hackers, Innovation experts and students studying in Bangalore and select nearby cities.    Winners of this Hackathon will walk away with a cash prize of Rs 1 Lac. Well, this is not it!! there are many other perks for the participants.    Register today and become a part of the change.   Free tickets available only on -

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Prasanna Krishnamoorthy,

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy,
Co-founder Upekkha

Amey Mashelkar

Amey Mashelkar
Lead, Reliance’s JioGenNext startup mentoring programme

Jonathan Bill

Jonathan Bill
Co-Founder / CEO at CreditMate

Judging Criteria

  • Rules
    The responsibility of the components and the materials required for developing the prototype during the Hackathon lies solely on the participating teams. Anything that are required to be provided from RevHack must be conveyed in prior.


  • Machine Learning/ AI
  • Voice skills
  • Social Good